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Boutique vineyard just up the road from Eagle Hammer. Enjoy wine tastings, light lunch & platters with lovely views in a friendly environment.


One of our highly recommended tour guides can pick you up from your cottage and deliver you back after a half, long half or full day of wine tasting and dining.


Our adventures go beyond the vineyards into the beautiful landscapes untouched from the industrial expansion. Enjoy the adventure sports with your family and friends under our guidance.


Luxury Accomodation


Travel Australia with a service which makes you experience it all.

Local Markets

Enjoy the streets with the locals.

Fruit Picking

Join us in fun fruit picking picnics.


Go fishing on a sunny day in the calm waters.

Ride on Puffing Billy

Surprise rides for kids around the place.


Enjoy classic gold courses.

Silvan Reservoir Park

Visit the national heritage and witness the wildlife.

Latest Updates

  • Outdoor Adventures

    The best 6 Outdoor Adventures in Australia

    Australia is a place for one of the biggest corals as well as a vast wildlife adventure. With enough landscapes, beaches, underwaters, and cities, you will need a long vacation in Australia to see it all. All kinds of adventure sports are available along with the most luxurious places for your accommodation. Austalia has all types of tourism covered for you and here is a list of the ones that you cannot miss out.

    Fraser Island Drive, Queensland

    Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island stretching over 75 miles. It offers an amazing along-to-the-beach four-wheel drive in a seemingly endless beach. You can plan a family picnic and cover the whole journey while encountering the Maheno shipwreck and dodge dingos on the beach while also crossing the red-streaked cliffs of the Cathedrals. Fraser Island Drive, Queensland

    Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

    The Great Barrier is literally the greatest underwater reef and has the biggest family of corals numbering to more than 2,900 separate reefs. This world-heritage site is Australias top tourist attraction of underwater enthusiasts. You can enjoy diving and snorkel around the reef and witness colourful corals, whales, thousands of fish families, schools of sharks, and even some shipwrecks.

    Whitsunday, Queensland

    Whitsunday, Queensland Along with the underwater adventure of the great barrier reef, you can also enjoy sailing through the islands of Whitsunday and either visit the national parks or enjoy a couple of days in the luxurious resorts. You will be assisted by crews for your sailing adventures, or you can even take a boat away on your own.

    Katherine Gorge, Northern Territory

    For Kayaking, you can choose the Katherine River to get the best experience. It offers the best outback kayaking adventure through the steep-walled cliffs and red rock gorges. The river can be a little crowded during summer due to more kayaking enthusiasts coming to get experience. You can go beyond the first couple of gorges to get away from the crowd and witness quieter and more scenic landscapes.

    Blue Mountains, NSW

    The Blue Mountains national park is a day trip organized from Sydney which takes you on tour to the iconic Three Sisters rock pinnacles, beautiful waterfalls, and eucalyptus forests. You can also do rappelling or abseiling down the cliffs and waterfalls to get an extra dose of adventure. You will be trained for rappelling down along with the right safety gear in this one-day adventure trip.

    Horizontal Waterfall, Western Australia

    The horizontal waterfall is in the Kimberley region, which offers an adrenaline-pumping adventure on a seaplane or a jet boat. It is a one day program which offers a ride through the horizontal waterfalls with scenic landscapes on both sides. The tour also offers shark swims for the bravest of all. The horizontal waterfalls are powerful tides which flow out through narrow gorges which gives it its name....

  • Holiday Home

    Tips for buying a holiday home

    Holidays bring more smiles and add more happiness and joy to our busy lives. Everyone in the occupied world wants to escape into a quiet, isolated place. Have a home and spend some enjoyable time with loved ones. If you are planning to buy a holiday home, then do follow this article till the end to embrace practical tips to make a home yours this holiday.

    Tip 1: Plan your budget

    No matter what you plan to buy, you must have a budget prepared. Having a budget can help you get better ideas, more options; you can even save the right amount of money. A budget gives you a clear picture of the total cost of the ownership, total expenditure of renovation if needed, and maintenance cost, and so on.

    Tip 2: Decide the location

    This is the second most important thing you need to perform while buying a holiday home. When you have a clear picture regarding your dream holiday home, where you desire to have one, or how it is going to be, it will be effortless to decide with the location. Go for less expensive and gorgeous locations to spend your holidays in a Wow manner.

    Tip 3: Do a research

    Doing research is always appreciated. When you are investing your money, every single thing associated with the investment matters the most. Visit the location of the asset check with the neighbors and clarify every doubt you possess. Never hesitate to know more about the niche where you are draining your money. See if it is worth investing and go ahead.

    Tip 4: Check with the amenities

    Amenities are equally important, as the property. See for the best and fabulous amenities. If your investment worth the facilities. Be wise to choose the best holiday space which has access to many general amenities like medical stores, hospitals, provision store, fuel pumps, hotel and restaurants. Finding the right place with all the amenities takes some time. But if the approaches are incredible, then the hunt will be very lucid.

    Tip 5: Explore eth property

    Explore eth property Known your property better can provide you with the best information. The asset itself is an excellent guide. Explore the property, check every nook and corner to see if everything is fine. Even if you come up with something unusual or something that is not as per promise, there will always be an opportunity to sit and speak.

    Tip 6: Find the right manager

    Finding a manager in an unknown city is very difficult. But putting an effort to find someone can bring the best results. A good manager can take good care of your property. He can settle down things with care and love. He also updates you with concerns regarding your home. Primary matters like water leakage, electricity issues, and natural effects, and so on can be in charge of him, and he can take care of all these simple watches.  ...

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